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Loose Ends #1 :: Virgin Cover


Glorious Chris Brunner black and white artwork unencumbered by colors or text! Ultra Rare!

You've been looking all over for this hard to find breakout hit comic of 2010 and Heroes is the place to get it!

Will ship up to 6 books for same flat fee of $6 shipping. Check out other books in the store to save!


No one seemed to notice Sonny Gibson as he stepped back into 'The Hideaway'; a dusty little honky-tonk nestled off the Carolina highway. But before the night was over, Sonny would be on the run. From the law, from the criminals, even from himself.

LOOSE ENDS is a gritty, slow cooked, "southern crime romance", that follows a winding trail down Tobacco Road, through the war torn streets of Baghdad, and into the bright lights and bloody gutters of South Florida...12-Gauge style.

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